Why I Dropped Everything For My Enagic Kangen Water Business

I am now a full time Kangen Water distributor with Enagic based in the UK.  I get a full time income from simply sharing this amazing water with those around me and sharing information about the water on the internet via this website and the online social networks. It wasn’t always like this.

This is my background story on how I decided to go all in with Enagic Kangen Water. My late wife, Barbara always needed a part time income to supplement my salary as a local government office in the UK. We joined a company call Scimetics – a network marketing company which sold health and beauty products. We became the top retailers in the country  doing party planning, selling dietary products etc. Unfortunately just as we were making headway, the business ceased trading.chapman family

Barbara and I then went into a business selling  perfumes and costume jewellry with a company called Bonnay. Again, we were making headway and successfully holding parties and I was actively recruiting network marketers until that company ceased trading.

I then investigated online strategies. I joined Success University. I followed my upline Daniel Kim. We developed a membersite strategy and began to do really well. Again, just as I was getting promotions and income, the CEO pulled the plug and pitched his members to join another opportunity. Devastating once again. I was losing faith. I tried Global Domains International but it really didn’t work for me so then I followed other leaders from Success University into the Global New Plan Network, NPN.

I felt NPN was my home at last and I worked hard at it, recruiting around 20 to 30 people every month. NPN had internet marketing tools. Autoresponders, URL rotators, messaging services etc. I was regularly achieving top monthly rankings.

cynthia and pete at leeds demoI built a member site called the Global Elite System,  with NPN as the top of the funnel and embedded multiple streams of income into my system, such as solo ad services, traffic exchanges etc and I had over 500 members and I was excited and leading a group of online marketing enthusiasts. I taught wordpress blogging and social media strategies.

On of my business partners in the Global New Plan Network, Raymond Sun, who was a high 5 figure income earner said to me, “Peter, I am not earning enough with your business. I need to be earning a high 6 figure income a year. I don’t see this happening with NPN and your member site.  I am going to be marketing Kangen Water”  This was in September 2011.

I totally respected my friend Raymond, so I introduced Kangen Water and I made it part of my home business portfolio within my member site. Because I was just using the internet, my progress with Kangen was slow. I achieved 4a by March 2013 which was basically about 30 or so sales of the SD501 Kangen Machine.

Then events in my life dramatically changed things. I lost my lovely wife through a rare form of Cancer, adrenal gland cancer. It was sudden. We weren’t prepared as a family for anything like this. It was a massive shock. I thought to myself, I should have taken Kangen Water more seriously. I needed to focus on my health and that of my family.

I dropped everything else I was doing and decided I wanted to help other families and market something that can do that. Kangen Water. Another shock occurred. I went for a scan to confirm I was OK. I didn’t want my family to suffer. To my horror the scan results indicated I had a cancerous kidney. It was operable and the doctors said I should have it removed. This was in the June.

On top of this all my property investments had gone south! I had to sell 3 rental properties and my family home at a loss! I had to rent from my son rather than living in my own home! I was at rock bottom.

My children were horrified. So, to calm the situation down, I opted for the surgery. I don’t know if the water had ensured the cancer was contained, reduced or whatever, but for my children and grandchildrens sake I agreed to the surgery. Every time I have my remaining Kidney tested, the doctors say it is performing better in each of the last 3 years. I also had massive relief from a long term problem with Diverticular disease. Rather than having to take pain killers for stomach cramps and enduring difficulties with toilet problems, it completely cleared. I put that down to my improved health regime of drinking at least 3 litres of Kangen Water partaking in Enagic Turmeric supplement UKON. I changed from being a marketer to a dedicated product user. It changed my perspective totally.

All the time my family were suffering with bereavement and concerns about my ongoing health, my Kangen Water business was increasing in size and global outreach, through an active distributor team in the USA with Ruth Amponin, Malaysia with Pearly Quah, Leanne Whitehouse in Australia , Simon Loi in New Zealand, Indra Kurniawan in Indonesia and others who had joined me within my first 30 sales. From July 2013 onwards I began to take my Enagic business to a new level – with beginning to do more offline work, sharing the water and doing demonstrations in peoples homes.pete and raymond at the enagic convention

From March 2013 to September 2013 I went from the Enagic 4a position to 6a. All this in a year which I can honestly describe as the worst year of my life!

Now my Kangen Water was helping lots of my customers around the world, into better health . I never tire of the succcess stories I hear in my seminars.People being helped with Diabetes, Gout, Migraine,weight loss, Cancer, Fybromialgia and other lifestyle disease issues.

My income is now higher than I earned a very stressful management career in UK local government management and I own the Lexus I always wanted. The most important thing though is at 68 years old, I have good health, no medication other than Kangen Water, Kangen UKON and sensible diet and I am helping 1000’s of people around the world to enjoy a similar, improved wellness in their lives.

For my business, I have travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, U.S.A. and Italy. I have a laptop lifestyle. I enjoy meeting new, positive people around the world and enjoy real friendships with my team members and customers.

I don’t need to worry about this company going out of business. It is already 41 years old and our factory is expanding! Our sales have gone up from 10000 units a month to 13000 with targets of 20000 units a month by the end of 2016!

This is a long term wellness company. A business that you can WILL to your family. A legacy business. And that is how I view it.
It has turned out to be the best career move I could have ever made!
pete and mr ohshiroIf you have any kind of lifestyle disease or are concerned about your health, Kangen Water is my very best recommendation. You can watch this video of Dr Hiromi Shinya’s use of Kangen Water 🙁   Hiromi Shinya Video )if you would like more evidence of how this water works.

If you have an interest in checking out the Kangen Water home business then I recommend you check out this video: PETE CHAPMAN EXPLAINS THE ENAGIC COMPENSATION PLAN

I now enjoy a different life than that I had before. I have married again to a beautiful lady, Yada. Beautiful inside and out.  She has helped heal a lot of pain and she respects my remaining love for my Barbara. I have 3 amazing children and their wonderful spouses with 7 grandchildren and another on the way. I love my family above anything else in my life. Kangen Water has changed all of our lives. My son Stephen and his wife Sarah have a successful Kangen business too and all my family now drink the water, including our newest recruit, 2 year old Will.

The past stressfulness of business, work, illness is behind me. I have a future ahead of me of prosperity and good health with a company that rewards effort more than any other I have ever had dealings with.

The company uses the motto of CHANGE YOUR WATER , CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It certainly has for me.

You are welcome to comment on my story in the comment box below this article. I would welcome your own experiences and opinions.

Thank you for being there. I really appreciate all my readers.

I hope this article helps you in some way. Certainly , we can all rise from the ashes of stress and illness if we focus on what we can positively do to change things for ourselves and families.

Peter Chapman

Global KangenWell team leader

Kangen Water UK and Kangen Water Worldwide

Telephone: +44 7823 772234 (Connected to WhatsApp, Viber and LINE)

Email: peter@kangenwell.com

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