What Is Hexagonal Kangen Water®?

Kangen means “Return To Origin” in Japanese. The use of the word is regulated in Japan by the Japanese Government. In the U.S. Kangen Water® is a trademark of Enagic® USA, Inc. In order to be called Kangen, water must be alkaline, micro-clustered (hexagonal structure), pure, and have a high negative ORP, or oxidation-reduction potential. Kangen Water® is also known as hexagonal water, microwater, spa water, ionised water, alkaline water or living water.alkaline-water-greatest

Since the hexagonal form of the molecular structure appears to be critical, we refer to it in this blog as hexagonal Kangen Water®.


  • Hexagonal Kangen Water® is used in over one hundred hospitals and medical clinics in Japan for its scientifically documented health benefits. It is produced by a medical device which is prescribed for home use by Japanese physicians.
  • Hexagonal Kangen Water®is a “free radical scavenger” with measurable anti-oxidant properties which are many times higher than any food or nutritional supplement on the market. Research shows that hexagonal Kangen water assists in repairing damaged DNA strands.
  • Hexagonal Kangen Water® provides a way for toxins to exit the body by neutralising the positive, cationic charge with its abundant free electrons. Toxins stored in fat cells, tissues, organs and lymphatic fluids are released, resulting in fat loss
  • Hexagonal Kangen Water® is “living water” that deeply hydrates the cells. It is absorbed six times faster than tap or bottled water because the cluster size of the water molecle is smaller and it has more hexagonal structures.
  • Hexagonal Kangen Water®is rich in ionic minerals, like calcium. Research has shown that it significantly increases bone density.
  • Hexagonal Kangen Water® is alkaline – it is able to neutralise and balance a chronic over-acid state. Chronic over-acidity is the underlying cause of many disease states, including pain and inflamation. The body draws upon alkaline minerals stored in the bones and tissues to buffer the over-acid state caused by the foods we eat, the fluids we drink and our stressful lives. Hexagonal Kangen Water® helps the body preserve and maintain its calcium, magnesium and potassium reserves by providing ionic mineals and negative hydroxyl ions to buffer excess acid

Only one company , Enagic®, offers an ionising water device for home use that consistently produces the highest Kangen-grade water with a significant amount of hexagonal molecular structures. This device, the LeveLuk SD501, produces several different kinds of water for consumption and external use.

There are, of course, many other devices marketed as water ionisers in the world but none of these compare to the results produced by the Enagic® LeveLuk SD501.kangen machine

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