The 5 Types Of Kangen Water®

The unique function of the Enagic Leveluk501 SD501 is that it is able  to dispense five types of water: Sanitary Water, Beauty Water, Clean Water Healthy Kangen Water®, Strong Kangen Water®. Obviously each of them has a seperate function. Let’s discuss each one.

Healthy Kangen Water® pH 8.5 – 9.5

This is the extra-ordinary drinking water that has swelling power and softens materials quickly. It has dissolving power, ability to dissolve and draw out substances. It has thermal conduction, reduces boiling time and improves the taste of your drinking water and food.

With Coffee and Tea. Taste and aroma are everything. Using less coffee and tea, but pulling out more flavour, you’ll be amazed at the colour, taste and aroma and you will achieve a fuller, richer taste.

With other strongly acidic foods. Drink Kangen Water® together when eating strongly acidic foods such as meat and eggs. The alkaline water helps your body balance the acidic effects.

When making soups and stews. Kangen Water® draws out the flavour of ingredients so your cuisine turns out tender and juicy. You’ll need less seasoning, making it perfect for people trying to reduce their intake of salt.

Use of washing vegetables. Use Kangen Water® to remove the raw tase of onions and other strong-flavoured vegetables.

In cooking rice. Kangen Water® used to wash and cook rice brings out delicous and fluffy rice.

Clean Water pH 7 (Same as Tap Water)

This is gentle water for everyday use.

Use clean water to take medications and make baby formula.

The three-layered, high-power water filter removes not only chlorine but also sediment such as rust, impurities and lead. Clean water tastes delicious and is filled with essential minerals. Clean water is best used to take medications and in making baby formula.

Beauty Water ph4-6

Beauty Water has astringency  and has effective power to tighten substance. It has cleaning power, a splendid power to purify substances. This is a weak acid that has a beauty function.

Acidic water is especially effective in toning the skin. It helps to refresh skin after a hot bath or shower and also works to close the pores after washing your face.

You can use beauty water for boiling pasta. 

Noodles and pasta will take on a brilliant shine and improved texture as a result of boiling them in acidic water.

As a cleaner. Acidic water is effective in cleaning stains on dishes, cups, glasses and even bathroom tiles.

Strong Kangen Water® pH 11 or Higher

Strong Kangen Water®, which is certainly water but has a strong cleaning effect as a detergen preserving hygiene in your daily life.

To clean cutting boards, knives and dishes. It will sterilise vegetables and meat. It will remove slime and stains on the floor and also toilet stains.

It will remove stains from coffee and sauces. It can be used for washing clothes (reucing the need for detergents) It will remove the harsh taste of wild vegetables.

Sanitary Water pH 2.7

This is a disinfecting water.

It has excellent cleaning and disinfecting power. Strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that helps prevent food poisoning.

Use it to clean and sterilise your produce, meat and cookware. To sanitise knives, cutting boards and dish towels. You can use it to disinfect toothbrushes and to eliminate odours. You can even use it to clean and sanitise your skin!

The Miracle of Kangen Ionised Water

People often confuse the Enagic SD501 with a water filter. You can see from the descriptions above that it is much more than that. It has many other purposes other than filtration. Not only does the Hexagonal Kangen Water® have the above functions but the results of them ensure health and wellness for everyone who uses it.

My recent experience with customers has been a reduction in headaches, more energy, deeper sleep and a great help with diverticular disease.

Many more people are benefitting from the healing powers of this wonderful water.

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