Secret Sauce – Kangen Water® For Restaurants

Many people consider  a Kangen Water® Ioniser as an absolute necessity for the home but it is often not realised that the LeveLuk SD501 has commercial and medical benefits too.  Many restaurants across the world are seeing the benefits of using Kangen Water® in their cooking and cleaning processes as well as sharing the water with their customers thus improving the water quality and taste of the food that is served.

When you think about it… after you have watched the Kangen Water® Demonstration, wouldn’t you prefer to be served with Alkaline water rather than water from the tap full of additives, chlorine, fluoride etc? Or even the bottled water that has been tested to have acidic qualities.
Wouldn’t you like to eat food clean of chemicals and cooked in a water that brings you better taste?

Watch the video and see what you would prefer!



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