Plastic in Our Seas

One of the things I have learned in my few years marketing Enagic Kangen Water is the understanding that anything we can do to reduce the effects of plastic in our environment will benefit nature and our planet.

I have been watching SKYNEWS and their reports on the effects of plastic on the environment and it is truly shocking.

One report states that “Scientists say man-made cancer-causing chemicals, which have been banned since the 1970s, have been found in the deepest recesses of the Pacific Ocean.

Traces of high levels of the pollutants were found in scavenging shrimp-like amphipods living more than 10km (6 miles) below the surface in two trenches 7,000km (4,300 miles) apart.

Residue of polychlorinated biphenyls, better known as PCB’s was found in the creatures’ bodies at the bottom of the deepest oceans.”

This means that these chemicals are finding their way into the food chain. Using single use plastic bags from the supermarket, plastic bottles for water and soft drinks are adding to the problem as well as irresponsible dumping of all things plastic in our oceans.

My best recommendation is to watch this excellent video Special Report – A Plastic Tide – and then encourage others to do so and join in the effort to make significant changes to the dumping of plastic and chemicals into our oceans.

You can support this initiative at 

Anything we can do to remove plastic and chemicals from our environment is a good thing and it will help not only the flora and fauna of our world but the people who most depend upon it who can little afford to deal with the waste and corrosion that the so called advanced cultures of our world create.

Please share this across your social media, either this blog post , the Sky Ocean Rescue site or any other information you can find so that the big corporates of this world stand up and take responsibility.

Thank you. I would love to see your comments below

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