Pearly Quah Asks : What Do You Want To Achieve In A Kangen Water Business?

Todays guest post is by my friend and colleague, Pearly Quah who is building a significant Global Business with Enagic Kangen Water® from her base in Malaysia. Pearly is an expert in internet marketing via WordPress blogging and the Social Media. pearlyquahIf you are thinking of starting a Kangen Water®  business, Pearly gives you her ideas on how you can achieve success!

“One of the most important aspects in a Kangen Water® Business is to focus on the basics in Enagic’s unique business model. There are many factors which contribute to the success of our business but action is the key ingredient to the achievement.

Before you can take action, you must know what you really want to achieve. Why do some people quit the business after only several months in the business, any business ? In my opinion, they lose sight of their initial “wants’ when they joined the business. Please allow me elaborate a little further.

Here is my short story : In my situation, I got involved with Kangen Water® Business not solely on the benefits of the product. There is certainly no doubt about the effectiveness of Kangen Water®  on our health. But for me, I was seeking a business in which I could succeed on the Internet. I saw that the Enagic Kangen Water® business could be the vehicle for me to achieve my short term goal.

The short term goal that  I have set myself is to achieve success within a 5 year period. To achieve this I have invested in many programs on the internet so that I was upgrading my skill and knowledge. But the more I learned, the more I become frustrated and suffered from overwhelm and my goal began slipping away.

My online education began taking me away from the direction I originally wished to go down. My thirst for knowledge ended up in me losing focus on the goal I had set myself – which was to have a successful internet business!

I was just collecting learning but I wasn’t making any money!

I was also jumping from one opportunity to another – some promised low investment with a high return and occasionally I invested a lot of money without success.

I crashed and burned a number of times. I was running a losing business on the internet. I was using my other offline resources to fund my internet business or programs.
This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! I certainly wasn’t getting the results I had wanted!

So, what has changed?

Well, my decision to join my amazing Kangen Water® Business Partner, Mr Pete Chapman was not by chance. He has fantastic follow up skills and was very quick to identify my needs. We knew each other from a social networking bloggers tribe for about 3 years. After more than a year of following up and talking about the Enagic Kangen Water® business, I met him in person in Kuala Lumpur and about a month or two later, we became business partners.

He offered me FREE Training about blogging and is giving it free to anyone who joins my team as well.
Very supportive, right ?

It is from there that I started learning the basics and do my work consistently. The result is great and that I am able to get customers ringing me up to buy a Kangen Water® Ionizer month after month. It is through blogging that I am able to build and expand my email list. It is my consistent effort that helped me get traffic to my blog. I have blog visitors everyday. I learned about organic traffic and the numbers of visitors built significantly over time. It was good to get all this FREE traffic!  People are able to find my blog posts when they type certain keywords related to alkaline water and other topics.

From that foundation, a simple WordPress blog, I have developed other strategies and activities that has led to my success on the Internet with Enagic Kangen Water®. My Facebook page and personal profile has particularly built up my profile. I now have a team in SE Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Thailand, and I even have a group in Italy!

So I am making money at last using simple internet skills that I can now offer my team for FREE! 

Not only that, but I have found a product in Enagic Kangen Water® that is helping people improve their health.

It is a simple WIN/WIN business for me – health for my customers and wealth for my team!”

Pearly Quah is our KangenWell team representative in Malaysia.

Contact Pearly

Tel:  +60162630918
Skype: pearly.quah



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