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With the UK government indicating that the state retirement age is getting older and older is there any wonder that people are looking for additional income streams such as a network marketing opportunity?

That was my circumstance. Made redundant after a long career in local government I wasn’t prepared financially to survive on a small pension. So I sought additional income streams to supplement my pension. This is a strategy highly likely for more and more people over the next few years for many others I would suspect.

So what is on offer for an additional income stream? Well if you have a skill you could sell it. You could get an additional job. You could sell stuff on the internet – like ebay strategies.

For me a network marketing business opportunity is an ideal model for beginning a second income stream. Low cost and systems in place with support offered from experienced upline distributors who will help and encourage.

After much trial and error I chose Enagic for my company and Kangen Water for my product. Why?enagic true health

  • It is a 41 Year Old Privately Held Company and Industry Leader and InWanovator
  • Over $500 million in Annual Sales via Independent, self employed distributors around the world
  • A Product That Works
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer – all products manufactured in our Japanese factory
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 Accredited
  • A Compensation Plan That Is An Industry Best Standard

To find out more about the amazing Kangen Water please go to this LINK – WHAT IS KANGEN WATER AND HOW CAN IT HELP YOUR HEALTH

alkalinity cartoonI have never looked back. My blogging , emailing and social networking strategies have enabled me to reach out across the world building teams of independent Enagic Distributors across 20 countries with independent leaders in the U.S.A., Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Israel, Italy, Singapore and, of course my home country the United Kingdom.

Kangen Water has helped 1000’s of people across the world to achieve better health – True Health. By that I mean, we don’t just offer Physical Health with the Water but we offer financial health for those enthusiasts who want to help us spread the word as independent distributors.

Enagic gives me a full time income from a part time effort. I am now looking for new business partners in the UK to help me continue to build on the success of my team within the UK.

If you are a network marketer with ambition, I want youcynthia and pete at leeds demo

If you are a successful network marketer but disappointed in your company, product or compensation, I want you

If you are an internet marketer, I want you

If you are a therapist, personal trainer, life coach, gym owner, health professional, I want you

If you are interested in helping the people living in the 27 million homes in the UK to  enjoy better health, I want you

This remarkable business, Enagic Kangen Water, can give you a primary or secondary income that can change your life. I will support you across the UK with seminars, training and prospect referrals.


To find out how you can be rewarded by a Kangen Water please go to this LINK – A KANGEN WATER BUSINESS IN THE UK

Get in touch now to begin your new life – a life of True Health: Physical, Financial plus the Peace of Mind that you have both and a legacy you can be proud of

Peter Chapman

Global KangenWell team leader

Enagic Kangen Water UK and Kangen Water Worldwide

Telephone: +44 7823 772234 (Connected to WhatsApp, Viber and LINE)



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