Meet Peter

Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman – Global UK Kangen Leader

Meet Peter Chapman – Enagic Global Leader Based in the UK.

My name is Pete Chapman and I am a Leading Global marketer with Enagic sharing the benefits of the amazing Kangen Water.

A Little Bit More About Me
Despite my success with Enagic, I do not have a background in sales or marketing.

I spent my early years in the Royal Air Force, serving in the United Kingdom, The Maldive Islands and Singapore.

My knowledge of South East Asia has come in useful for my Enagic business as I now have key business partners in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

I developed a keen interest in sport in the RAF.

I played at a reasonably high level of Squash and Badminton and also played football, volleyball, rugby, water polo and anything else that would get me out of work!

So my interest in sport played a big part in my next career of sports centre management.
I began working in local authority sports centres and did this for a long while, culminating in my last position as a Head of Service with a local council in North Yorkshire, UK. In that post I managed a number of departments including Leisure, Property Services, Parks and Gardens and Bereavement Services.
So a long way from my new found career in network marketing with Enagic.

Why did I do that? Well, I wanted an income to supplement my low income within my chosen career and also help my future pension.
I began looking at online network marketing companies because that enabled me to work from my home office without effecting my work and family.
I created successful teams with Success University and then the Global New Plan Network.

I created multiple streams of income member sites and used success strategies with Email Marketing, Word Press Blogging and Social Media networking.
One of my business partners in the Global New Plan Network, Raymond Sun, introduced me to Kangen Water and I made it part of my home business portfolio.

Kangen Water was helping lots of my customers into better health and the business began to work big time. So from March 2013 I became full time with Enagic Kangen Water.

Well, when I say full time, I am really very part time but I get a full time income. I don’t market anything else, other than Kangen Water nowadays.
It has turned out to be the best career move I could have ever made!
Because my Kangen Water business has helped me to travel the world and to help many 100’s of people in 18 countries around the world into better health , both physical and financial.

Passionate about Family


Our Family

I am a proud father and grandfather of 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I love them all and cherish the times we are all together. We recently went on a camping trip together to Cornwall in the South of England. 13 of us in 3 tents! We had a great time.

My oldest two children, Stephen and Laura both live in the U.K. and my youngest son, Jack lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
I have recently married for the second time to the lovely, Yada after a period of widowhood following the very sad passing of my wife Barbara, mother of all my children.

Both my wife, Yada and eldest son, Stephen, are involved with me in our Kangen Water business.

I love walking in the countryside with my dog, Rosie and especially love time in the garden, doing my best to create an English cottage garden.

rosie and martha

Rose & Martha

Not as successfully as I would like, I am afraid.

It makes sense though because I live in an English Cottage, here in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the U.K.

Why I decided to Transform My Life and Finances With Kangen Water
I know what it is like to struggle financially. Working for the armed forces and in local government, whilst rewarding, doesn’t exactly pay well!

So that is why I sought out a different stream of income. I was also struggling with stress and depression because of the financial strain and all the work pressures I was under managing 5 different departments and all the human resource pressure that brought.

I was suffering from diverticular disease also, a problem with the bowel and this was causing me great pain and discomfort.

So what could be the solution to that?

Well. Financial success in the health industry would help wouldn’t it?

So I got to work with Enagic, Kangen Water.

Simply, I created my first website, in 2011 after I joined the business and began sharing all about the water. I was fortunate to have a list of my colleagues in my other businesses and I told them as well.

Things started to change.

My health improved.

The diverticular disease settled down.

I was becoming more and more optimistic.

My mental health improved.

Slowly but surely my financial health improved also!

Enagic began putting my commissions direct to my bank account and those commissions began mounting up quite nicely.
All of this was achieved via the internet! Attracting people into my newsletter via my word press blog!

Then I began to teach my team to do exactly what I was doing. I have created over 30 simple word press websites for my team and even offer a FREE member site with full disclosure and video instruction of exactly what I do to build my business online.

My internet activity helped me to create KangenWell teams all over the world and gradually I began to do live Kangen Water demonstrations and team training.

Peter Chapman - Kangen Water Demonstration

Peter Chapman – Kangen Water Demonstration

Traveling The Globe with My Kangen Business

I visited Chicago and did demonstrations and internet training for my team there.

Now we have a huge KangenWell team of people in Chicago and the word is spreading across America with teams established in Kentucky, Nevada and Mississipi and also Canada.

I have done demonstrations and training for my teams in Milan, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta.

I present seminars on Kangen Water and the Enagic business opportunity across the United Kingdom every month.

It has just got very, very big! All from a small beginning on a laptop in my home office!

I am helping 100’s of people across the world achieve their financial dreams with Enagic Kangen Water. Why? Because the water really does work! These water ionisers are registered medical devices in Japan. They are used extensively in hospitals there. So our customers can have great confidence in the product and when they have success with their physical health, they share their story and we sell more machines!

Who I Would Love to Work With!

Peter Chapman Kangen Team

Join our Global Team

I can help you too?
If you have financial or health difficulties then I believe Enagic Kangen Water can help you.

If you are just ambitious to create yourself a high 6 figure annual income, I can help you.

I am looking for hungry people.

People who are ambitious.

People who are serious .

People who want to join me in my vision to help 1000’s of people around the world achieve True Health with Kangen Water

Call or message me on +44 7823 772234 anytime.

(Whatsapp,LINE and Viber registered) or complete the form on this page and I will be in touch to provide all the information you need to Change Your Water and Change Your Life!