Killing Cancer – Not People

Killing Cancer – Not People is a book by Robert G Wright. You can visit The American Anti-Cancer Institute Book store here: CLICK TO VIEW.  Killing-Cancer-Not-People_300

I have spent a few hours pouring over this book recently and find it fascinating. It provides much needed information on how we can battle cancer by using purely natural methods and destroying the myths that we are often told about the disease.

I cannot and will not make claims on behalf of the book or the author but I would recommend you read it and come to your own conclusions. It has emphasised to me that it is absolutely necessary for the developed world to dramatically change tack on how we live our lives and what we should be eating and drinking for optimum health.

My own health regime now includes drinking natural smoothies made with my own fine hand using a blender – full of fruit, nuts,seeds, rice milk and Kangen Water®. I have introduced super greens into my diet – adding them to smoothies, drinking them with my Kangen Water® etc – and have also begun juicing green vegetables to drink as  a super green cocktail of goodness!

Why have I done this? Well it just makes sense to alkalize your body. Eat and drink good stuff. I want to live long and prosper!

I have an obligation to my children and grandchildren that I do so. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I want to have a healthy and active life and have fun in my old age!

The more I read and witness, the more I understand that we have our diets all wrong!

I remember when the Corona man used to come around our estate with his soda pop wagon once a week and we would get excited as children when that day came. Mum and Dad may treat us to a big bottle of Dandelion and Burdock, Ice Cream Soda or Lemonade. Soda drinks were an occasional weekly treat! Now we are consuming litres of the stuff a week! It is full of sugar, caffeine and all sorts of unhealthy stuff!! Even the diet stuff makes us fat!!

Fast food in the U.K. was the Fish and Chip shop. We used to feel great if we had that once a week! Now we have McDonalds, Burger King, KFC on every street corner it seems! Fast food is making us fat! We eat too much of it!

Processed foods are invading our larders! Ready meals are on the supermarket shelves! Our freezers are full of chips, fries, processed ready meals, pizzas etc. We never used to eat this crap! We used to eat fresh food! We used to have vegetables and shop for them every couple of days. We ate them fresh!

In the U.K. not every family had two cars! We used to blinking walk every where! Now we use the car to go to the local shop which is only a few hundred yards away! We used to play outside as children – get fresh air, exercise. Now we just sit in front of our televisions and get fat!  We need to exercise more!

What is it like where you live?????? The more I visit other countries the more I see the western lifestyle being adopted across the world!

It is wrong!

It isn’t just about being fat though, is it? It is about being healthy, vibrant, alive!

I loved this book Killing Cancer – Not People, because it kind of reminded me what life is all about. Eating good stuff, fresh stuff, enjoying fresh air and living life to the full!

So this book is not just good for those who are suffering from Cancer or worried about it. It is a book that challenges us to take stock. Make changes. Live life to the full – healthy lives. Not chained to our televisions and computers!

This blog is all about helping people to realise their optimum health and especially enjoying the best water, restructured, Ionized water. Kangen Water®! It is no co-incidence that Killing Cancer – Not People recommends the Enagic LevelUK SD501 to get your restructured Ionized water. That is how I found the book! My friend recommended the book to me because of the fact that Robert G Wright recommends Enagic Kangen Water® Machines. There is a whole chapter on Restructured Ionized Water and how it can help your health and battle against Cancer. Of course I would love to supply you with a Kangen Water® Machine. More than this though, I would urge you to read good stuff. Check out this book and others like it and get healthy beginning today!


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