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When I first saw the amazing demonstrations of the Enagic® Leveluk SD501 I was really enthused and wanted the benefits for my family but when I thought of it as a business opportunity I wondered how popular it may be. How would I sell it? How would I approach people?

What I found though was a simple process of sharing a DVD showing the machine in action and the benefits that Kangen Water® can bring into peoples lives with all my friends and contacts. The reaction is very encouraging . People love the water. I keep supplying it to them for FREE and their stories of health benefits build up over time  and they will either purchase a machine, or provide testimonies of the positive changes in their health and perhaps recommend the water to others.

Many people look at the cost of the machine as a barrier. But it isn’t a barrier to those who want it… because they see it as a way to reduce medical bills, increase health and become greener by reducing the amount of plastic going to the tip!

They also see the savings they can make by not poisoning themselves with soda drinks and other nasty acidic based drinks and foods. What is more, there are lots and lots of easy payment methods to buy a Kangen Water® Machine…… people can pay over as much as 16 months!


I have been working solely online for a couple of years now… been full time for around 18 months. So I was very reluctant to get out of my comfort zone. Especially I felt, for such a high cost product.

But what I saw, after really studying this, was a hugely duplicatable business and one where I could help peoples health at the same time.

The Enagic® compensation plan is unique. It is patented to protect the company and its distributors from copy cat companies wishing to take advantage of the ingenius commission structure. You see, Enagic® is not an MLM. It is a direct sales structure, with no monthly targets, no monthly fees and no annual fees. You just need a machine and then you are up and running. The 1A to 6A commission structure is amazing. You only need 3 personal sales to go right to the top. But obviously you will make sales each and every month…. and the more group sales you get (not just yours but your whole group) the bigger commission check you get!


Check out this video for a quick explanation of the Enagic® Compensation Plan.

Each and Every Customer Can Get Commissions From Their Recommendations


Yes. It is true. Every customer can get paid if they recommend their friends to purchase a machine! Can you imagine what that can do for your income? Over time their friends and family are going to ask: “What is that machine on your kitchen counter?”, or, “I can see a difference in your health and countenance. How has that happened?” and your customers explain exactly how that happened. Results. More sales in your group. You get the same or greater commission as they do. They are happy, their friends are happy… and so are you!

And all the time you are climbing the ladder up to 6A and eventually to receiving shares in the company.

So when you study the contents of the blog, don’t just think about this as a piece of medical equipment providing health and wellness for your family. Think about the additional income that can come into your home.


I have been coaching people in internet marketing for a number of years now. One thing I advise anyone if they are considering joining a network marketing or direct sales group, is to choose your company and your sponsor/team leader wisely. You want to join a company and a team that will offer you a solid and reliable base to form a long term business and that you receive the kind of support you need to succeed from a successful team and a sponsor who will give you the time and attention you need to get the most out of your business.

Our team has people on the ground in the U.S., U.K and emerging markets in the far east: Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines and Indonesia. We will help you directly with your marketing and online presence. I will create a blog just like this one for you, so that you can attract FREE organic internet traffic to your business.

You will have 6a leaders all over the world who will help you follow up with your prospects. Even travel thousands of miles to support your group.

Check out this one, unsolicited testimonial of one persons view about me as a person…..


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To your health and prosperity

Pete Chapman


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