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Enagic® Singapore – New Office Opens In Singapore

It is great news that Enagic® has opened an office in Singapore following its successful venture in Hong Kong. Thousands of people all over SE Asia are enjoying the benefits of the healing power of Kangen Water® and now Enagic® opens premises in another great capital of SE Asia, Singapore.

So  Contact Me For Details of our Team Leaders:

Peter Chapman

Enagic® Dist Number: 4042560

+44 7823 772234

Email: peter@petechapmanblog.com

skype: petechapman


Or My Singapore Business Partner

Anthony Goh

Enagic Dist ID:

Email: gohwela@gmail.com

Website: http://kangensingapore.com/

Telephone: +65 91448989


Our  Kangen Water® TWI Group has already established the first water shop in Singapore. This enables people to take advantage of the FREE 30 day trial of the water whilst they consider a purchase. Customers can also watch regular presentations of how the three properties of  Kangen Water® work:

  1. Anti-Oxidation (limits oxidation or rusting)

  2. Alkalinization (change from Acidic to Alkaline state)

  3. Micro-Clustering (enable absorption – cell nutrition)

These presentations are available on a personal basis in the shop and members can request a home visit if they wish. I have team members available in Singapore who can provide all the information you may need to make a decision about purchasing a  Kangen Water® machine or who wish to consider a home business with our special group..

If you would like to know more, would like to visit our TWI Groups  Kangen Water® shop in Singapore then contact me from here ………. and I would be happy to provide you with the details

Kangen Water

14 Responses to “Enagic® Singapore – New Office Opens In Singapore”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi Raymond ,

    May I know the model sd-501 how much is it?

    Do you accept credit card?

    Ms tan

    • Peter says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      I would be happy to get Raymond to call you if you email me privately with it. Email me @ peter@petechapmanblog.com

      The SD501 is the best model but there are others to choose from so I would think you would wish to check all prices. Yes, you can pay by credit card.

      Look forward to heariing from you


      • Gary LOKE says:

        Dear Pete
        I am ‘blown’ by the established Kangen Water system.
        I am a Singaporean but will re-locate to Vietnam very shortly. My mission is to help as many Vietnamese as possible to attain better health and wellness. Are there any plans for this uncharted market in your strategies?
        Thank you.

        • Peter says:

          Hi there Gary,
          Our team is worldwide and our online strategies reach the world over. Vietnam can be supplied by Hongkong…….
          Good luck with your ambitions!

          Lets UNIFY!!


      • dana basri says:

        Hi Peter,
        may I know the price of the SD 501 ad is it liable to GST since I live in Jakarta Indonesia? I happen to be in Singapore this week, so I’d like to know the opportunity of sbuying the product.
        Thank so much.

        • Peter says:

          Hello Dana
          Thanks for your query.

          Please contact my Singapore business partner, Raymond Sun on Singapore mobile: +65-98229321 he will provide all the details on purchase from Singapore or Jakarta.

          Best wishes for your health and prosperity


  2. Danny says:

    How much does this kangan machine cost.

    • Peter says:

      Hi there Danny
      I have specifically answered your question via personal email. But in reality – measured in U.S. Dollars the main product the LevelUK SD501 costs around $4000 and the JRII $2000. In most countries there are easy payment options for customers and distributors, making it affordable for all budget types.
      If you are considering this seriously and compare this with bottle water costs over 25 years – which is the likely length of time your machine will last – it is no contest. Also if you are considering Enagic as a business then you need to also understand the purchase of the machine is the only cost of having an amazing franchise to build a significant income from. Your only cost once you have a machine is your marketing – and I basically do not pay very much for that at all.

      I look forward to your questions, and the questions of anyone else considering become Kangenised!
      To your health and prosperity


  3. Andreas says:

    Hello, I already know the USD price for each machine, but I would like to know the total price of the SD501 machine and SDJR11 if shipped to Bali, Indonesia, assuming there will be import charges and shipping costs.

    Thank you and best regards


    • Peter says:

      Hi Andreas,
      Thank you for your interest. I will send details to you directly via email.

      Best wishes


      • Samantha says:

        Hi Pete,
        how much SD 501 total with tax, pre filter, shipped to jakarta and installation.
        thank you,


        • Peter says:

          Hi Sam
          Thank you for your query. I passed your information onto my Indonesian business partner, Indra. Indra Kurniawan

          Enagic Dist Number: 1064582

          Telephone: +62-818957868.

          Email: coachindra@yahoo.com

          skype: coachindrak

          Please let me know if he has looked after your interests.


  4. Kevan says:

    Hi, I have an SD501 machine and it is having problem with the ORP and pH of the water which doesnt change after the process. What should I do? Does it require service/repair? Lastly, Are you selling cleaning cartridge set CL-7000 for levelux SD501? Thx

    • Peter says:

      Hello Kevan,
      Congratulations on your purchase of your SD501 from Enagic. I would suggest you contact your sponsor or the Enagic Office in your area for specific advice. wa-service@enagic.com will help you.
      I am not sure of the water quality in your area and whether your machine would need a pre-filter or not. I always advise my customers to run Beauty Water for a couple of minutes everyday, clean the machine with the sachets issued at the time of your purchase at least monthly and ensure your filter is renewed when the machine indicates that it must be.

      I am sure Enagic will help you achieve optimum performance from your SD501 Water Ionizer from Enagic.

      Best wishes


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