Enagic® Singapore – New Office Opens In Singapore

It is great news that Enagic® has opened an office in Singapore following its successful venture in Hong Kong. Thousands of people all over SE Asia are enjoying the benefits of the healing power of Kangen Water® and now Enagic® opens premises in another great capital of SE Asia, Singapore.

So  Contact Me For Details of our Team Leaders:

Peter Chapman

Enagic® Dist Number: 4042560

+44 7823 772234

Email: peter@petechapmanblog.com

skype: petechapman


Or My Singapore Business Partner

Anthony Goh

Enagic Dist ID:

Email: gohwela@gmail.com

Website: http://kangensingapore.com/

Telephone: +65 91448989


Our  Kangen Water® TWI Group has already established the first water shop in Singapore. This enables people to take advantage of the FREE 30 day trial of the water whilst they consider a purchase. Customers can also watch regular presentations of how the three properties of  Kangen Water® work:

  1. Anti-Oxidation (limits oxidation or rusting)

  2. Alkalinization (change from Acidic to Alkaline state)

  3. Micro-Clustering (enable absorption – cell nutrition)

These presentations are available on a personal basis in the shop and members can request a home visit if they wish. I have team members available in Singapore who can provide all the information you may need to make a decision about purchasing a  Kangen Water® machine or who wish to consider a home business with our special group..

If you would like to know more, would like to visit our TWI Groups  Kangen Water® shop in Singapore then contact me from here ………. and I would be happy to provide you with the details

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