Enagic Convention 2016 – Dare To Dream Big

_The Enagic Convention 2016 has just finished and the Enagic Kangen Water distributors are now leading home to share their stories and begin another year of sharing the amazing Kangen Water with their friends and families.

It has been an amazing experience for me because it has opened my eyes to the longevity of this company, Enagic. I am now certain that it will be around for many, many years, continuing to innovate and provide healthy solutions for millions of people around the world. convention 22A brand as permanent as Coca Cola, Apple and Microsoft. This gives me an assurance that my Enagic business will provide for my wife and family long after I have gone. Our LevelUK Kangen Water Ionisers are being used in 172 countries around the world. 34 in America, 42 in Asia, 50 in Africa, 46 in Europe. We are truly a global brand.

The Philosophy of Enagic is to help people Realise True Health through a Corporate Philosophy of:

  1. Realising True Physical Health
  2. Realising True Financial Health
  3. Realising True Mental/Metaphysical Health

5 Kinds Of Kangen

  1. Bodily Constitution Kangen
  2. Fair and High Income Kangen
  3. Quick Return Kangen
  4. Appreciation/Compassion Kangen
  5. Societal Support Kangen

Enagic sales per month have reached over 13000 units across the world and this has meant our factory has had to be upgraded so that we can cater for 20,000 sales monthly which is our target for the end of 2016.

The factory is of a high level of quality as well as productivity that has acquired ISO 9001/13485/14001 Standards.

Our CEO, Hironari Ohshiro states:

“Enagic has pledged to start a global revolution of  “True Health” – in the form of Physical Health, Economic Health and Mental Health. This pledge is supported by hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world. Enagic offers safe water that can be used with confidence to benefit health, beauty, sanitation, cuisine and almost every aspect of life that comes with contact with water. The world is changing and we have entered the age of “human technology marketing” . As an integrated development, manufacturing, sales and service company of alkaline ioniser technology, we combine Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch.


Market vitality now depends upon a merging of high technology and the personal relationship between human beings. Enagic has teamed up with an international network of offices and independent distributors around the world, to spread the idea of “True Health”, while building a global company with worldwide operations.

Welcome to Enagic!”

Hironari Ohshiroconvention 23

CEO Enagic International Ltd

So what does Enagic offer people who want to begin a home business?

Well, the company motto is “Change Your Water – Change Your Life” It certainly has done that for me, on many counts.

I simply share the water with as many people as want to try it and I make sale. It is as simple as that.


Let me share it with my video – it is in Euros so if you are from another country , please let me know and I will provide you with the relevant information:


This plan means that you get paid for the work you and our team do that month within that month!! You are not waiting years for small percentile commissions. You get big commissions straight away, up to $1710 (1050 Euros)!! Imagine what 10 direct and indirect sales per month will do for you. You can quickly get up to those levels if you just follow the plan.

Our convention in Las Vegas opened up a new understanding for me as to the potential of this business. My sponsor has had 1000’s of sales a month through his organisation. Can you imagine what that can do for you financially? Can you imagine how many 1000’s of people are being helped into True Health if we continue to achieve that?

From small acorns, do large oak trees grow!

Simply begin by purchasing one of these amazing Enagic Kangen Water Ionisers and then begin to share the water, be coachable on how to build your Enagic business and a new world will open up for you.

convention 20



I am here to serve you, wherever you are in the world. I have a team across the world who are eager to do so also. You can meet them here: MEET THE KANGENWELL TEAM

My goal is to help as many people as possible to reach their Physical and Financial Health goals.

Please call or message me if you want my help to get started

Peter Chapman

Global KangenWell team leader

Kangen Water UK and Kangen Water Worldwide

Telephone: +44 7823 772234 (Connected to WhatsApp, Viber and LINE)

Email: peter@kangenwell.com


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