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Plastic in Our Seas

One of the things I have learned in my few years marketing Enagic Kangen Water is the understanding that anything we can do to reduce the effects of plastic in our environment will benefit nature and our planet. I have been watching SKYNEWS and their reports on the effects of plastic on the environment and […]

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Enagic Convention 2016 – Dare To Dream Big

_The Enagic Convention 2016 has just finished and the Enagic Kangen Water distributors are now leading home to share their stories and begin another year of sharing the amazing Kangen Water with their friends and families. It has been an amazing experience for me because it has opened my eyes to the longevity of this […]

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Network Marketing Opportunity In the UK

With the UK government indicating that the state retirement age is getting older and older is there any wonder that people are looking for additional income streams such as a network marketing opportunity? That was my circumstance. Made redundant after a long career in local government I wasn’t prepared financially to survive on a small […]

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Dr Berry Awe Talks About Kangen Water

Dr. Awe is a licensed Chiropractor, as well as a Natural Health Doctor specializing in nutrition. This video demonstrates how he has used Kangen Water to help improve his health and many others. You will be amazed after you watch this video. After you have done,  get in touch to get started with Kangen Water. […]

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The KangenWell Juice – Issue Number 6

The 6th Edition of our Health and Wellness review – the KangenWell Juice – provides information from a variety of sources on health news 1. Now is The Time Of Year People are Considering Flu Jabs. Health Impact News makes the following report. The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania is now reporting that one nurse’s […]

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