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Enagic Convention 2016 – Dare To Dream Big

_The Enagic Convention 2016 has just finished and the Enagic Kangen Water distributors are now leading home to share their stories and begin another year of sharing the amazing Kangen Water with their friends and families. It has been an amazing experience for me because it has opened my eyes to the longevity of this […]

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The Black Box Business Model – An Alternative To MLM

Too often people who are looking for an additional income to help them afford modern day living they fall into the trap of promises of dream incomes from multi level marketing businesses but end up disappointed. I don’t have anything against network marketing as a business model, I actually love it, but I honestly think there […]

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Network Marketing Opportunity In the UK

With the UK government indicating that the state retirement age is getting older and older is there any wonder that people are looking for additional income streams such as a network marketing opportunity? That was my circumstance. Made redundant after a long career in local government I wasn’t prepared financially to survive on a small […]

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Bob Wright On Kangen Water

The of the American Anti Cancer Institute and author of Killing Cancer Not People has given an interview about Kangen Water. Have a look and then tell me what you think in the comment section below.   American Anti-Cancer Center C  A  M   P   U   S        M   I    S    S    I    O    N “The Mission […]

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