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Bottled Water – Is It The Right Choice For Hydration

Bottled water is the normal choice for quenching thirst around the world.  I came across this article on http://www.enagic.com/blog/ which I think you will find very interesting indeed!

“Next to carbonated beverages, bottled water ranks second as America’s favorite drink. But is bottled water the right choice for your hydration? Is it even the right choice for your recession-friendly budget?

Obviously, bottled water is much healthier than sugary, caffeinated sodas, but is it really worth the cost? You may be surprised at what Americans actually spend on bottled water every year. Take a look at how Kangen Water® compares to the cost of staying hydrated with popular bottled water brands:


When times are tough, don’t rely on expensive bottled water to keep your body healthy when there is a better way! Kangen Water® is exactly what your pocketbook needs to keep your family hydrated on a dime.

The Bottled Water Illusion

Why are so many Americans paying a fortune to stay hydrated with bottled water? Unfortunately, many people are under the misconception that bottled water is the healthiest choice available, and they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that bottled water is not safer than tap water, and some companies even use tap water for their more expensive bottled product1! The EPA urges all consumers to check with the bottled water company in order to find if any contaminants are contained in their drinking water1.

But you don’t have to accept the fact that your drinking water may contain pollutants or contaminants. You can proactively seek a healthy water that is filtered, ionized, and alkalized!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life™
Kangen Water® is more cost-efficient for your long-term hydration needs, and you can be sure of the quality of this delicious alkaline water. The Enagic® water ionizing machines use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art patented techniques to ensure that with a touch of a button, you can have the cleanest alkaline water that is perfect for sustaining optimal health and overall wellness.

Save your money and enjoy a healthy life! Drink Kangen Water®!”

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Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water and Kangen UKON 6a Distributor

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Kangen Water

Did You Know This About The Plastic In Your Bottled Water?

I came across this interesting information regarding bottled water that I believe would be useful for KangenWell.com readers.

When buying bottled water, consumers are advised to check the bottom of the bottle, in order to protect their health.*

Plastic bottles labelled with letters like HDP, HDPE, PP and a few others, do not release any toxic material in the water, and the remaining letters can represent the chemicals found in the water you are drinking.

Every brand must label the content of the bottle, they will either have the letters, numbers or number symbols shown in the graphic.

#1 PET or PETE

– stands for single-use bottles. These bottles can possibly release heavy metals and chemicals that affect the hormonal balance.recycle-logos-1

“PET is one of the most commonly used plastics in consumer products, and is found in most water and pop bottles, and some packaging. It is intended for single use applications; repeated use increases the risk of leaching and bacterial growth. PET plastic is difficult to decontaminate, and proper cleaning requires harmful chemicals. Polyethylene terephthalates may leach carcinogens.”

#2 HDP or HDPE

– plastic that practically releases no chemicals. Experts recommend choosing these bottles, when buying bottled water, because it is probably the healthiest water you can find on the market.

“HDPE plastic is the stiff plastic used to make milk jugs, detergent and oil bottles, toys, and some plastic bags. HDPE is the most commonly recycled plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. It is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to recycle HDPE plastic for secondary use.”

#3 PVC or 3V

– releases 2 toxic chemicals that affect the hormones in your body.

“PVC is a soft, flexible plastic used to make clear plastic food wrapping, cooking oil bottles, teething rings, children’s and pets’ toys, and blister packaging for myriad consumer products. It is commonly used as the sheathing material for computer cables, and to make plastic pipes and parts for plumbing. Because PVC is relatively impervious to sunlight and weather, it is used to make window frames, garden hoses, arbors, raised beds and trellises.”


– this plastic cannot be used in the production of bottles, but plastic bags, even though it does not release any chemicals into the water.

“LDPE is often found in shrink wraps, dry cleaner garment bags, squeezable bottles, and the type of plastic bags used to package bread. The plastic grocery bags used in most stores today are made using LDPE plastic. Some clothing and furniture also uses this type of plastic.”

#5 PP

– another white colored or semi transparent plastic, used as a packing for syrups and yoghurt cups.

“Polypropylene plastic is tough and lightweight, and has excellent heat-resistance qualities. It serves as a barrier against moisture, grease and chemicals. When you try to open the thin plastic liner in a cereal box, it is polypropylene. This keeps your cereal dry and fresh. PP is also commonly used for disposable diapers, pails, plastic bottle tops, margarine and yogurt containers, potato chip bags, straws, packing tape and rope.”

#6 PS

– releases some carcinogenic substances and it is commonly used in the production of coffee cups and fast food casings.

“Polystyrene is an inexpensive, lightweight and easily-formed plastic with a wide variety of uses. It is most often used to make disposable styrofoam drinking cups, take-out “clamshell” food containers, egg cartons, plastic picnic cutlery, foam packaging and those ubiquitous “peanut” foam chips used to fill shipping boxes to protect the contents. Polystyrene is also widely used to make rigid foam insulation and underlay sheeting for laminate flooring used in home construction.”

#7 PC or non-labeled plastic

– the most dangerous plastic in the food production which releases BPA chemicals and it is often used in the production of sports water bottles and food containers.

This category was designed as a catch-all for polycarbonate (PC) and “other” plastics, so reuse and recycling protocols are not standardized within this category. Of primary concern with these plastics, however, is the potential for chemical leaching into food or drink products packaged in polycarbonate containers made using BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is a xenoestrogen, a known endocrine disruptor.

source: WorldHydration.com

As of today, check the bottom of the bottle twice!

The poisons in plastic is one of the reasons why many of my Enagic Kangen Water customers are using our restructured Kangen Water and drinking it in Glass or BPA free Plastic containers.

One also needs to remember that recycling plastic is a tremendous problem for the world. Just walking by the seaside you can see the damage that plastic is doing to the environment. Whilst recently walking in Southport, a beautiful sand duned nature reserve in the United Kingdom, I was horrified to see how much plastic was ruining the beauty of my surroundings.

So , I urge you to think clearly about what you drink and what you choose to drink it from.

Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water and Kangen UKON 6a Distributor

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

(connected to WhatsApp,LINE and Viber)
Email: Peter@petechapmanblog.com

Kangen Water

Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer – Myths Destroyed

Some of the myths created by negative people or Enagic competitors try to infer that Enagic Kangen Water contains dangerous chemicals. Nothing could be further from the truth.enhancer

Most Enagic machines have special solution chamber with a supplement to the ionisation process called the Electrolysis Enhancer so the machines can produce strong Alkaline water and strong acidic water for alternative use to replace chemicals in the home. These waters also help with the healing process of many skin ailments, such as eczema and psoriasis.

The Electrolysis Enhancer Solution used to generate the 2.5 and 11.5 pH Kangen Water contains 99.99% Saline Solution composed of the highest of grade of fine granular Sea Salt dissolved in ultra-purified Enagic machine Clean Water setting and 0.001% Sodium Hypochlorite as a disinfectant to prevent bacterial, viral or mold/fungal growth while stored in the bottle.
Note: Any residual chlorine/chloride present is filtered out by the Enagic filter before the solution is ionized.

Sea Salt is hardly a dangerous chemical and the content percentage of Sodium Hypochlorite at 0.001% is far below the levels you will get in normal tap water and swimming pool water, which often exceeds 5 parts per million of Sodium Hypochlorite to the water.

So let’s see how drinking Kangen Water and bathing in 2.5 Acidic Kangen Water can help our skin:

kangen and eczema






There are many instances where people have been helped from skin problems with Kangen Water. Some have benefited just from drinking the Alkaline Kangen Water, others have added bathing in the Strong Acid Water.

If you had suffered from skin disease for many years, wouldn’t you try anything to help? So many people have purchase an Enagic Kangen Water Ioniser because of this one benefit. But, in reality, your organs are the real beneficiaries from drinking Kangen Water and it is why respected Medical Physicians like, Hiromi Shinya endorse Enagic Kangen Water.

It makes sense to investigate this further so that you can bring  better health into your home.


Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water and Kangen UKON 6a Distributor

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

(connected to WhatsApp,LINE and Viber)
Email: Peter@petechapmanblog.com

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 – The Year Of The Goat

2015 is the year of the Goat, but you may see it referred to as the “Year of the Sheep” too. For those of you who are interested if you are a goat and have a special celebration this year you can check it your birthday is in the following years: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1967, 1979, 1991 or 2003 . If you are a goat you can count their lucky colours as brown, red and purple.

Goats have characters that are supposedly kind and peaceable, while their best months are supposedly August and November and their lucky flowers are primroses and carnations.

So what can the year of the Goat/Sheep bring to all of us?

happy-new-year-of-the-goat-2015The Sheep is kind, tender and sympathetic. Sheep are creative and elegant. Because of their softer side, they are symbolic of peace and harmony.

The Year of the Sheep follows a tumultous Year of the Horse, and heralds a more calm atmosphere.Combined with the evergreen and renewal characteristics of Wood, the Sheep’s creativity will be unleashed.

If last year was the Horse’s year to gallop and take off, this year will be the year for contemplating and appreciating what has already been accomplished, to think about bringing goodness to others, to take a deep breath and calmly look at what’s ahead. A steady path, generosity, and keeping the peace are this year’s mantra.

So our KangenWell team wish you Peace and Harmony in 2015.


Kangen Demonstrations in Chinese Language

Enagic Kangen Water is helping people enjoy better health all over the world. Our Enagic independent distributor team has grown significantly in 14 countries around the world and often English is not the first language of our

We have a number of Chinese speakers in our group so to help them I publish below two demonstrations of the properties of the water in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Kangen Water Demo – Cantonese



Kangen Water Demo – Mandarin

If anyone wishes to have more information please contact me below. For SE Asia we can organise presentations in Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia and also if resident in the UK I can organise demonstrations of the water and the business opportunity that Enagic can offer.

We are always searching for new business partners to help us expand and achieve our goal of helping 1000’s of people to enjoy True Health with Kangen Water and our Enagic Kangen UKON Turmeric supplement.


Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water and Kangen UKON 6a Distributor

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

(connected to WhatsApp,LINE and Viber)
Email: Peter@petechapmanblog.com


Health Benefits of Turmeric and Kangen UKON

Enagic don’t just offer Kangen Water for health, it also includes a Turmeric Supplement, Kangen Ukon™.

English: Curcumin Polski: Kurkumina

English: Curcumin Polski: Kurkumina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was lucky enough to visit the Enagic farm in Okinawa, Japan in June 2014 and witnessed how our turmeric gets it’s curcumin from Spring and Autumn turmeric.

One is packed with nutrients and the other contains nutrients and oils. Combined…they are POWERFUL in disease prevention. Plus, we have all the B Vitamins and essential fatty acids giving this turmeric an incredible delivery to the body. Imagine how powerful this is accompanied with our free radical scavenging Kangen Water?

Read about Kangen Ukon™ below.

Healing the Body for Centuries

Ukon™ (wild turmeric) has been recognized for centuries as a natural healer1. It has been known since the era of the Ryukyu Dynasty as a strong antioxidant, and India’s ancient medicine (Ayurveda) has used turmeric as an analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antioxidant for over 6,000 years.

What does modern research say?

Western modern medicine is finally catching up to what has been well-known throughout the rest of the world. As our technology advances, we gain scientific proof of the very thing our ancient ancestors trusted all along: turmeric is the key to complete and proactive health.

Dozens of recent scientific studies have reported wild turmeric’s protective effect against ailments and diseases that plague our communities today. Preliminary findings from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggest that turmeric – or, more specifically, the primary polyphenol of turmeric (called curcumin) – may have anticancer properties, and further research is being done to investigate the “potential role of turmeric in preventing acute respiratory distress syndrome, liver cancer, and post-menopausal osteoporosis.”2


Even the American Cancer Society (ACS) notes that “several types of cancer cells are inhibited by curcumin in the laboratory, and curcumin slows the spread of some cancers in some animal studies.” Curcumin was successful in killing cancer cells in controlled laboratory experiments! The ACS also reports that curcumin is being studied to see if it can help arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, stomach ulcers, lower “bad cholesterol,” and improve the outcome in kidney transplants.3 Other published, peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown wild turmeric’s effect against blood clots, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, liver damage, diabetes and high blood sugar, cystic fibrosis, and more.

But don’t take my word for it!

If you have access to the internet, you can easily investigate wild turmeric on your own. For reliable, scholarly information, go to scholar.google.com and search for “turmeric.” Or go to well known blog reset.me to discover the 10 reasons you should include Turmeric in your diet. You’ll quickly find that wild turmeric is the one healing component your diet has been missing all along!

What other ingredients are found in Ukon™?



free radical scavenger and antioxidant

Healthy Minerals

Healthy minerals

such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and selenium

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

helps maintain healthy levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

Perilla Oil

Perilla Oil

supports a strong immune system



helps maintain healthy skin and promote healthy liver function

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil

promotes healthy cardiovascular function and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

may help maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels



“Super Vitamin E” with strong antioxidants

You can get more information about Enagic Kangen UKON by clicking this link: KANGENWELL AND KANGEN UKON

Please contact me to get more information.

Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water and Kangen UKON 6a Distributor

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

(connected to WhatsApp,LINE and Viber)
Email: Peter@petechapmanblog.com

Kangen Water As A Secret Weight Loss Weapon

Ionized restructured alkalized Kangen Water® can be your secret weapon to losing weight in time for your next trip to the beach. Many people turn to diet and exercise in an effort to lose weight, but often find themselves frustrated when the weight doesn’t come off.

jillian michaels and kangen water

Research shows that they may be missing a third piece of the healthy weight loss puzzle – hydration. Much of the research on hydration suggests that healthy weight loss occurs with the right combination of diet, exercise and hydration. Water is an important part of any weight loss plan.

Kangen Water is endorsed by Fitness guru Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser T.V. Series.

Here are some ways that Kangen Water® helps with your weight loss goals and you will never need to diet again.



Water revs up your metabolism-Even better, if you drink it cold, your body will burn extra calories to warm it up.

jillian michaels and kangen water 2Helps you feel full – Drink a glass of water ½ hour before meals to feel fuller before eating. Also hydrating before you eat will supply the body the necessary water to produce digestive juices.

Boosts your energy

– Dehydration makes you feel fatigued, and you only have to lose 1% of your body’s water to become dehydrated. Kangen alkalized water hydrates better than tap or bottled alkaline water; it is readily absorbed in the intestines (due to the micro-clustering). Research performed using professional cyclists as subjects proves that alkaline water helps you rehydrate faster after working out.

Improves muscle function – A properly hydrated body will use water to lubricate its joints; dehydration will result in increased wear and tear on the joints. Drinking enough water also helps prevent muscle cramping while you exercise. When you exercise, proper hydration must be at the top of your list if you want to keep your endurance up.

Alkalinity in the body helps resist lactic acid build up in the muscles; this is why athletes will alkalize themselves before working out. The longer you can resist lactic acid build-up in the muscles, the longer you can effectively burn calories.

Improves digestive health– Dehydration leaves the colon dry and is the number one cause of constipation! Alkaline water has a positive link to digestive health; it helps maintain colon health by keeping it lubricated, and by supporting the beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract.


Your health is not just important for you personally, it is important for your family and close friends. We are all familiar with the loss of loved ones. It is devastating to families when it happens. So, for me personally, I will do everything I can to stay in active health for as long as possible so my family can build memories together for as long as possible.

What do you think? Is Kangen Water going to be part of YOUR health regime, whether to lose weight or just to find a balance in your diet.

Let me know in the comments below.

Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water Distributor

Tel: +44 7823 772234

Email: peter@petechapmanblog.com



Healthy Finances, Healthy Lives

Healthy Finances, Healthy Lives

People are stressed out about money. We are constantly bombarded with bad news about the financial crisis. In today’s financial climate it’s crucial to take steps toward a healthier financial life. Poor choices negatively affect our health and our finances, but to be truly healthy, we need balance. Financial stress takes its toll in our lives in a variety of forms. We have trouble sleeping, we drink too much, we smoke, and we overeat — all to deal with money stress.

Imagine a single product that can enhance both your physical and financial health.

Enagic presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide peace of mind for your finances. With this peace comes a rejuvenating lifestyle, less stress, and financial stability. In the midst of financial crisis, we’ve been reminded that this is a priority which cannot be overlooked. Whether your motivations are freedom from debt, building an education fund, saving for a home, or adding to your retirement savings, your Enagic business will help you succeed!

Positive Change Lies Within You

Our person to person business approach maximizes your return by cutting out the middle man and advertising costs that consume your money. This business model is a direct sales program, so there is no minimum and no distributor fees. As an Enagic business owner, you are the boss, and will enjoy the flexibility of creating a strategy that best suits your lifestyle. And thankfully, you’re never alone.

An International Business Model

You can develop support structures that encourage you to reach your goals and help you succeed. Building your own team and working together is a sustainable business model, and you’ll be part of an international movement that brings health and wealth to your community. Enagic is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals within a supportive community. With Kangen Water® you can live a healthy, restored life and enjoy the serenity of financial stability.

Your Body Is Water

Your Body Is Water

Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining good health. Our bodies are comprised of almost 70% water. Many of the beverages we choose to drink instead of water come with “extras” that our bodies don’t need, such as sugar and caffeine. These beverages give us a temporary boost, but their corrosive acid levels are detrimental to our health, don’t satisfy our thirst, and make us feel fatigued and dehydrated.coffee cup Such bad habits take a toll on our health, our energy, and our overall happiness.

Water is the key to maintaining good health and hydration. Unfortunately, the world’s water is polluted with agricultural run-off, sewage, and other toxic agents that compromise our health. Kangen Water® has a clean, pure taste, without losing any of the important minerals that are normally lost in bottled and filtered water.

Kangen Water® also has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment.

With its hydration and good taste, Kangen Water® is the promise for good health that you have been waiting for! What could be more important? After all, your body is water.

True Physical Health


An important part of the Enagic business philosophy is realizing true physical health. Your body is smart, but if you don’t provide it with the crucial elements, it won’t perform to its maximum potential. body and waterMake Kangen Water® part of your daily routine. It doesn’t take a dramatic life change to start improving your health. Pure, clean, Kangen Water® is at your finger tips.

9 Ways To Earn An Income From Kangen Water

Enagic Kangen Water has changed my life.Not only has the water improved my health but the Enagic Kangen Water business has changed my financial future also. In this article I would just like to share how the Enagic Compensation plan works. How you can earn an income in 9 different ways with Enagic.

9 Ways to Earn Income With Kangen Water

Enagic® is a long-standing, privately held Japanese company. Ever since Hironari Oshiro founded the company in 1974, the company has focused on quality products and international expansion. In North America alone, there are offices in Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Worldwide, there are branches in Nuevo Leon Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Düsseldorf Germany, Vancouver BC, Hong Kong, and Japan!enagic-bus-opp-2

Enagic’s dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you 9 different ways of earning income, is truly exciting for distributors.

  • No sign-up fee
  • No monthly qualifications*
  • No stocking of inventory
  • No annual renewal
  • No time limits
  • Accumulative sales
  • International sponsoring
  • Pays daily

* No monthly qualifications! However, for the 6A+ awards, some qualifications apply.


The Basic 8-Point Commission Structure

Start building wealth with Enagic®!

There are 6 ranks (1A-6A), all ranks have 8 levels to pay.

In order for you to advance in rank, you and/or your team need to accumulate a specific number of sales. A distributor can advance directly from 1A (must have 2 direct sales) to any other rank when the accumulated sales volume meets the stated requirements.

For example:

You are 1A with two direct sales. You become 2A when you sell a 3rd unit. OR you can jump directly to 6A from a personal sale if the total amount of units sold in your team is at least 100.

The chart below will give you an idea on how you can rise in rank with the sale of SD501 units alone.

The Basic 8 Point Commission Structure pays through 8 points within 8 levels

The Basic 8-Point Commission Structure

* $235 base + $50 (SP**) = $285
** SP: Special Point. Given when you have a direct sale within 90 days.

UNITS SOLD 2 3 11 21 51 101
RANK 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A


How do I earn income?


Becoming 2A

Let’s say you start off with selling 2 units. You are now 1A! The people that bought your units, like it so much that they sell 2 units each.

Direct sales:
2 x $285 = $570
Indirect sales:
4 x $285 = $1,140
Total sales:
Total earnings:

Jumping from one rank to another

When you make an additional personal sale you become 2A and eligible for a higher commission!

Direct sales:
1 x $570 = $570
Indirect sales:
5 x $570 = $2,850
Total sales:
previous 6 + new 6 = 12
Total earnings:

12 units sold means that you rise to 3A!

Becoming 6A Fantastic compensation for 6A

When you have 100 or more total sales in your team, your next personal sale promotes you to the rank of 6A!

By helping other teams to reach 6A you become 6A2, 6A2-2 and so on…

This is a very exciting level of achievement because of the tremendous income you will earn in the way of awards! Not only do you continue earning from the 8 point commission structure, but you also become eligible for additional award streams!


Additional Income Streams

Educational Allowance

Paid daily. Available to all 6A distributors and higher. Earn $200 for each unit sold below the 8 points, without limitation of levels, down to but not including the next 6A distributor.

6A Step-up Award

This award is for existing 6A distributors. The award is paid to you if one of your downline becomes 6A. The amount calculated depends on how many new 6A’s had groups sales in beginning of the past month. The award will be discontinued once you become a 6A2. In other words, you will be paid for six months for the 1st new 6A in your downline, but the 2nd new 6A’s award pays you only one time because it makes you a 6A2.

6A Title Incentive

Once promoted to 6A, 6A2, and etc, you have 3 months to strive toward earning an additional Incentive.

  • 1st Month requirement: 10 units sold
  • 2nd Month requirement: 15 units sold
  • 3rd Month requirement: 20 units sold

6A 8 Level Group Incentive (quarterly)

The incentive per 8 Level Group sale paid as follows:
A) Your quarterly total 8Pt sales are 3* or more
= $14 per unit.

*If you are 6A2, you need three quarterly total 8Pt sales. If you are 6A2-2, you need six quarterly total 8Pt sales.

6A Group Sale Award

Award amount calculated depends on how many total group sales your 6A group made, and also how many direct sales you made in each month. Paid monthly and quarterly.

Ukon® DD Commission

Ukon® DD customers sign up to receive an automated shipment of Kangen Ukon® every 4 months. Enagic® compensates 8 points for every Ukon® DD sale, providing distributors with long-term residual income. Each point is worth $40, and distributors must make 3 direct sales before they are eligible to receive their commission checks.


So now you can see how Enagic has made millionaires. How it will continue to do so.

Our motive is to help our Kangen Water family to enjoy 3 Healths.

1. Physical Healthenagic 3 healths

2. Financial Health

3. Mental Health

As our team of distributors drink the water, their physical health improves. As they share the water and people buy Enagic Kangen Water machines through their referral, then their financial health improves. When we are in good physical and financial health then naturally our peace of mind improves.


If you wish to enjoy the 3 Healths that Enagic Kangen Water can offer you then let me know and I will do all I can to assist you.

Peter Chapman

Global Kangen Water 6a Distributor

Tel: 00 44 7823 772234

(connected to WhatsApp,LINE and Viber)
Email: Peter@petechapmanblog.com